Making Comics in Indonesia (flyer)


Hi y’all,

I’m trying out the blog feature here. I need a newsfeed for my travel adventures!

Come check me out at Squishface Studio, Brunswick, VIC, 6pm on Saturday Nov. 23rd. I’m giving a talk about my research on comics in Indonesia! Blerb:

How and why do comics communities* sustain themselves? How do people get together? Address interpersonal issues? Get funding?? This year I (an excitable American zinester) am travelling the world as a Watson fellow, asking these questions to cartoonists, organizers, teachers, and more. This evening I’ll be presenting research from my two months in Indonesia, drawing (har) from interviews with artists, publishers, and scholars in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung.

This is a preliminary project for a longform graphic guide to comics organizing.

*Some examples: publishers, festivals, clubs, collectives, libraries….

The Facebook event is here.

Location: 309 Victoria St., Brunswick

Price: Free! Throw a dollar in for snacks, or don’t.

Image description: A flyer with handwritten event information, interspersed in a grid of cartoon “talking heads” of Indonesian cartoonists. (And one white American researcher, me, who is holding a phone that is recording.) In the center of the flyer is the event information. The upper right says “Making Comics in Indonesia: Documentary comics research. Live! Illustrated!

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